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Lazy day and a Storm at the sea.

Outside is raining and it rained yesterday. Living close to the coast led to wake up with news about tempest at the sea, coffes near de shore destructed by big big big waves.
and what do I do....

I cry myself because i Start watching " Rich man Poor Woman".


  1. now I remember why i had to stop to watch Japanese dramas, they always make cry. I am so lame.

  2. I loooooooooooveeeeeeeee Oguri Shun. the way he acts, his face is just...buaaaaaa!!

  3. Ishihara Satomi rocks as a co artists, and i Iove her clumsy character (it reminds me of myself). But that same characters annoys me a bit. She is so submissive and does n´t put up with a fight  she just smile and bows her head. I truly wonder if all the Japanese woman are like her.

​Of course that all that crying was done holding my new panda which a named it. Akira Amano, in honor of Reita from the Gazette and Tora from Alice Nine.

right now I´m just organizing my college files while listening to music as i try to resist turning the video player on and watch the rest of the Drama. Tasukete kudasai

Un día en mis pies:

Hola voy a contar la historia de nosotros, tengo que ser yo quien hable porque mi compañero se está durmiendo, como siempre.

Nosotros somos el pie izquierdo y derecho de esta chica. Nuestra vida no es fácil pues todo lo día cargamos su cuerpo, sus dolores y sus cambios de humor.

Por la mañana nos despertamos muy pronto pero la chica no se mueve, sigue durmiendo, entonces mi compañera rodilla empieza a enviar señales “mira chica es la hora, el  despertador ya ha sonado e nada. “Chica mueve despiértate el izquierdo y hagan algo mira el autobús. Hace frío, a mí no me gusta correr hasta la parada”. Entonces empiezo a mover me y por fin mi dueña despertar  y ahora viene el frío de la mañana, el frío del suelo, el frío de los aseos. Un grito y allá vamos nosotros corriendo. Lejos oigo las rodillas “tsk Yo tengo que jugar en la ONCE, lo ves como sigue corriendo”. Las rodillas tienen razón y nos vamos corriendo, primero las medias, después siento los pantalones y por fin los zapatos. El Izquierdo ya se despierto y empieza  a llorar, “Calma niño es lo mismo de todos los días, calma”.

Una correa por las escaleras arriba, abajo, arriba, abajo. Fuera de la puerta, nos detuvimos de repente. Escalera arriba, los libros de la escuela. Mira yo pienso que un día envío una carta a el cerebro que duerma menos.

Por fin salimos, mira ahora llueve y nosotros nos vamos a quedar mojados porque la tonta de la chica no a traído las botas. Otra corrida hasta la parada y hasta el autobús, tanta gente. Por supuesto hablamos todos, pero la charla es casi la misma todas las mañanas. Unos hablan de la lluvia, otras del fútbol y otros de los zapatos apretados de sus dueños. Pero todos tenemos un punto en común, todos echamos de menos el verano y las sandalias.

Por fin llegamos a la facultad y puedo descansar un poco, pues por fin encuentro zapatos de mi edad y tamaño. Juntos hablamos de todo, el Izquierdo esta mucho feliz pues puede fumar un rato cando la chica pasa el cigarro contra el suelo. Empiezan las clases y nos vamos a descansar por fin. Las rodillas casi que adormecen con la clase, yo me muevo para que  se despierten “perdona chica pero es el C, está cansado entonces casi que se duerme”, “ el C?”, “ si tía, El cerebro. Estaba diciendo que ayer se ha quedado mirando las animaciones y ahora casi que no puede mantener se despierto”. “Mira primero no me llames de Tía y después dice a El C que estamos   en la clase no se duerme”. “vale, vale. Pero en primero pienso que tienes que hablar con tu compañero que se duerme no?”.

Por fin la clase termina y seguimos a la próxima e la próxima y después del almuerzo viene la biblioteca. Y por fin yo me rindo y duermo un poco. Despierto a la hora de salida y después de caminar hasta el tren llego a casa, donde soy libre. Sin zapatos ni medias. Solo el suelo del piso. Hoy voy a intentar hablar con el C a ver si hace a la chica dormir pues no aguanto esto solo y el Izquierdo sigue sonriendo como un tonto, Madre mía!!

Creativity attack pt one

So i had to write an essay for the English class. the subject was a dialogue of a fight between the characters. So I start writing and writing, until somebody told me that the teacher only wanted five line....so i will leave the rest of the story here!! Thanks for reading.

Bang a door it´s shut. You can hear a few steps, there´s a woman in the center of the room. Her red kimono is all mess up flowing around her like blood flowing inside veins.
            The door open´s again and a man enters
Will you listen to me?
She stands, silence as a mute, ignoring the tall figure behind her.
Sakura , will you please listen to me, the man extends his hand but quickly drops it down. The trembling figure of the woman raises her head.
Akira… can you leave me alone?
Aki I need some space…
            Akira bits his lower lip and turns around. Sakura´s body finally relaxing as a stream of tears falls from her eyes. Her body finally collapsing to the floor like a brunch cut of a tree. But after her another body fells, grabbing her like a life board.
Sakura you have to listen
Akira please leave I can´t breath
No. Until you listen to me I will not leave you. We drown in together. remember.
Those words had the opposite effect, remembering when they were pronounce, Sakura starts struggling, trying to unleash herself from the tight hug. But the more she struggle the more the man holds here.
Sakura stop it. I won´t let you go. Why can´t you understand that you are worth it all the fight!
            But the woman didn´t stop struggling, stretching her arms, releasing her limbs from the man arms. Her objective, the shining blade of the dagger a few feet away. Just a few inches, she thinks.
Sakura please listen to me. Akira pleads for the hundred time.
            A twist of hips and she was free from the man arms. Running like a mad woman, extending her fingers to the silver dagger, which she grabbed with vulture claws.
Sakura put down the dagger
Sakura, please don´t something you will regret.
Akira you were right we drown together. She said while stabbing her abdomen, twisting it around, falling to the ground.
            The man scream, cradling the woman body like a child.
What have you done.
            Her blood mingling with the red kimono, the printed flowers stained with crimson.
Akira, she said raising her blood tinted hand, You are free now.
Whimpering Akira holds her close to him
You were my freedom Sakura. Without you I will live my life suspended in a gallows.
Akira you were the gallows where I live in. she says with her last breath.
Sakura don´t leave me. He screams to the skies like a trapped beats.

But it was too late; the beautiful woman lying in arms had left like the Sakura petals in the autumn. But for this flower there was no resurrection no new beginning.  
This story took place in the outskirts of Lisbon. The clock stroke midnight as a group of friends travelling by car left the gas station, after filling up the car tank. In front of them was a roundabout, which they had to go around. But it was late and all that was on their mind was the fun night ahead of them. So they decided to turn left. Unfortunately there was a police city patrol car close by that saw what they did, calling them out to pull over. After a lecture on law infractions and the collecting of a small fine, they were sent on their way. As the group walked away, it all appeared calm until one of the boys decided to make a comment about how unfair the situation was. That triggered a shift of the entire situation. In minutes all the friends were escorted to the police station where all the sad events took place.
            What happened in the police station stayed behind bars, but our reporters had direct access to the information from a first person point of view, when one of the victims decided to tell us the entire story.
            During the next three hours, two of the boys from the group, were beaten up with the police batons; one of them was handcuffed and thrown of f a third flight of stairs.  All this happened while the rest of the group waited outside, watching the cops entering and exiting the room making jokes of how they were resisting.
            In this moment you are probably asking why this happened with this group of friends. The answer is more complicated than the question itself. Basically, they were all Black. And unfortunately that is a great problem when it comes to humans rights in this side of town. Because if they were all Caucasian none of this would have happened. If they were white Caucasian rich guys, living in a clean, bright and with no graffiti walls neighborhood. If the school where they have grew wasn´t the school of life.
           This goes to show how much the value of the skin has when opposing moral values. Even considering the fact that one of beaten boys was a law student, whom tried to exercise his rights has a citizen and got beaten even more.

So i´m loosing my fear of writing and because my english teacher warned me that my english was so bad that i would probably fail i decided to write more in english.

so this time the composition its based in the "Giants Causeway", in Ireland. Because i love celtic culture and my great friend Ana is living there and already went here i decided to write an imaginary tale about this path,
once again thanks to dark_isis red pen in the correction.

                        The tale of the Giant

Finbar used to travel in a big boat, across the northern sea and far away, but the years had made him old and weak, so right now he was spending his days looking at the sea, surrounded by little giants that loved to ear his stories.

One of the youngling’s favorite stories was the one about a beautiful female giant, that used to live in the green lands of Scotland. Finbar had met her in one of his voyage and it was love at first sight.  

Deidre was her name and red long were her hair, but I was her green grass eyes that had caught his attention. She worked at the Inn, near the harbor, and Finbar wasn´t the only male in love with her. She had caught the attention of other giants, humans and even small leprechauns. But as weird at it may seems, it was Finbar´s small brown eyes and messy hair that caught Deidre´s attention. And it didn´t take much until they got together and Finbar putted is boat aside and started a new life.

Everything seemed perfect, but Finbar was a man, sorry a giant of the sea and the sea and his waves flowed in his veins. So as the years went by he started to feel unease, and grumpy. As much he asked Deidre to leave with him, she always answered the same thing “this is my land, my Island”.

One stormy night, Finbar was lying awake listening to the waves hitting the rocks, calling like a siren song from the depths of the northern sea. The weather sustained like that for four days, and in those days Finbar found himself more and more eager for the open sea, for his cold winds and frightening waves.

So one night, as Deidre was a sleep, he got up from his bed and down the cliff he went. Down the stone steps carved into the cliff walls he went. Into the peer where laid his old boat. Unwinding the ropes, Finbar entered the vessel with the intention of just a quick turn, but he was caught up in long gone curiosity and found himself in the open sea.

Days have passed and Finbar was still in the sea and after a week he finally caught the sight of green lands. Quickly he reached the sandy shores, and after berthing the boat, climbed the rocks until he reached the higher cliff. Up, up he went. Until he finally reached the top where he found an old cottage almost ruined.

Suddenly he recognized the place, “I´m in Ireland” he thought, as some voice were heard a few meters away. And shortly we were surrounded by a lot of giants, old giants that he recognized as his friends, younger ones that reminded him of the youngling´s he had left behind. “Now I´m finally at home”, he thought has he was receive by everyone.

As for Deidre, once installed Finbar built a path made of stones, that connected Ireland to Scotland, so they could met halfway.

It was to these steps, that the old Finbar was looking at now. Because like Deidre life had come to an end so were his and these steps will remain there at the sea. In  a few years they would start to perish and everyone would  make stories about them and the two giants in love.

for more things about this place http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant's_Causeway#Legend

  I live in a house full of noise. I house full of noisy and fuzzy people. You see i share my daily life with four people and a cat, a very lazy cat. Although the house is big, even in my room, it is dificult to have two hours of silence and peace. 
  First thing, my grandfather room is very near my room.and he speaks in his  sleep. During the nigth he wakes up and starts to shout at the cat, that was able to enter his room.
  In the other room close to mine sleeps my sister. She is twenty years old , but she stills suffer from a late teenage crisis. So she tends to enter my room, just to talk, about something, about nothing. Sometimes in the middle of the nigth, she wakes up and came to my room , followed by the cat and they slide into my bed. 
And if it isn´t these two, there´s my mother that comes see me to demand explanation, why my room is the usuall chao, why this and why that, or just to taklk.
i think my father is the only one that doesn´t have this tradition, of ivanding my room.
  And these minions are not the only ones, from time to time, my older sister, her bioyfriend and their little sin visits us.
although i complain about all this noise, when, when the house is empty and i´m left alone with my silence. I tend to feel lonely, and i miss all that noise and rumbling. So i decided to face this messy family with a smile and patience  otherwise, living in the room, in the middle of the corridor, wouldn´t be worth it, wouldn´t have the protective feeling.

Friends and cupcakes

So has I said before, one of my greatest friend Ana, went to Ireland to live with her boyfriend and work. Bust last weekend she had made me a surprise from a moment to another I have received a message “ju I am in Lisbon for four days, let´s go eat cupcakes?!”.

Of course I said yes, it had been only three weeks, she had left and I already missed her. So happily I agree, and meet with her and another of our friend Ines, in Tease. A rockabilly café in Lisbon, where not only they have the best cupcakes in town, but you feel very free inside, because all the workers have piercings, tattoos and colorful hairs ( I wanna work there please).

IMG_20121022_172027IMG_20121022_172032 the one in the rigth is mine and the other is Ana

I have chosen a cup cake with marshmallows and nutella, and  Ana chose condensed milk with cream and guylian (Belgian chocolate), and we accompanied with bitter Lemonade, to make the contrast. The evening was a blast, the guy at the counter thought we were characters from Sex and city. Because we have spent four hour inside the cofeeshop, laughing a lot, and talking and talking. Remembering all our latest years at college, remembering our past, and trying to find out what will we do in the future. Ana will be back to Ireland, and Ines its undecided between Macau and Canada. Because her boyfriend is a movie director that lives in Spain, where the things are getting worse too. So after she ends her studies, they will be leaving the country.

After Ines left me and Ana, decided to stay behind.  And we needed a cheaper place to dine. So we decided to go, to an Chinese illegal restaurant. Why illegal?! Because during the day it´s a home and when night arrive it´s a restaurant. As another friend of mine, that had lived in China, this is one of the most original and truly Chinese cousin, and its very very cheap.   I told Ana that I´m having some difficulties speaking in English, so she told “from this moment, we will only speak in English with each other”, of course I have grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! In the beginning but Ana is stubborn and say “you can complain whatever you want,  but do it in English”. So I spend the rest of the night crying all of my feeling out, in English. At beginning I felt like I had a fur ball in my mouth, but at the end it was slightly better. Because Ana its like my soul mate we have been talking and talking for hours. In which I wanted to kill her a thousand times. Because you know, every time I told her I couldn´t do that and this, I was stupid because I wanted to go to Japan…and blabla!!

So after I regain my strength with Ana I have come back home  more happy, and with a promise a will visit her at the cold land of Ireland. And that I will keep my strength for me and for her.


Love of my life where are you?!
In which dark forest you are hiding?!
in which bright day you are walking?!

Wich path lead you?!
to far away….
….to far away…

to far away that i don´t see you!!

to a point i don´t belive you ever exist….
to a point that i feel my body rotten…

where are you….
in which land with green fields
in which land with snowing days…

my new computer

Hurrayyyy!!yesterday i have bougth a new computer, a small notebook....hurray for me...
you must understand, my old computer has almost ten years, and he is heavy heavy heavy, and it is broken in pieces...the cd-rom rarely work...the keyboard is loosing some keys..and so one and so one...i rigth now i´m studying translation, so every class i need to bring the computer, online dictionaries, texts, online grammars.
So i have decided to buy this small fellow, and because i have promissed darkisis and aleksiina_26   that i will write more in english to pratice, i decided to do a little diary of my days, and other random stuffs.
So here we go...

The day started with english class. The teacher reminds me of Peter griffin from " Familly guy", which it awfull, at 8 in the morning trying to concentrate with that image. he is a little bit snob but the  funny thing ,about this classes, is that they are very interactive classes, sometimes we sit at the top of the table and speak with each other about a theme (relashionships, policy), or we do exercice listening to Youtube (today we have listen to Michael Jackson, one direction bahhh!! and Nirvana.).

After the class, i had a four hours break.So we went to the cafeteria, this time for me it is great, since i´m a little bit shy and my colleages are all teenagers, i thank this breaks for the talking and interaction, i feel like an older mom to them,´helping them and having fun.
Today, darkisi´, had two hours free of classes (yes two, althougth she had ditch her 12:00 o´clock class), so she came the cafeteria too. we spoke about our regular things, japan japan, visual key, gackt, japan japan lol!!
and then time to try the new web cam:

Those fingers aren´t mine they belong to Isis, wish i had a tatoo (no money phewwww"!), pity you can´t see her dragon ring!!

Four hours later and lunch time. came this stupid class, and here i am
please somebody kill me....thank god there is tumblr...lol!!



The soft goodbyes

This week was a sad week. This week was a week to say goodbye, a week where I had send away two of my friends. There´s a side of me, that wants to laugh about it. That wants to joke as he said “ye ye you will be back soon, you can´t live without me”. But I know myself , I know that in a week or two, I will be standing looking into the sky, thinking about them, about how would they be, how they are going on and surviving.
And I know I might be a little selfish, because they were forced to leave our country. I know it looks tragic, there’s no Nazi regime here, there no tyrants]s ruling. Portugal it’s the third country in Europe, were the younglings are unemployed, but it is one of the first countries in Europe where the younger generation are immigrating, are leaving their homeland. That´s why I have one friend in Italy, another in India, another in Bangladesh, another in Venezuela. One is about to go to Macau, and this two have parted to Northern Ireland and Tokyo. And I´m staying here, because I can find a job, because I don´t have money to leave my country, to pay for a voyage to a foreign country.
Now out of politics matters, what hurts more is letting go. I know that part you growing up, it is learning to letting go. But this Saturday an important piece of my heart will go to the north cold lands of Ireland. This girl Ana, it´s one of the most important persons in my life, she is more my sister than my blood related sisters, we call ourselves the Ying and the Yang. I] m always buzzing, fuzzing laughthing, drinking smoking. Ana it] s quite, and calm, she doesn’t drink because of her health problem. The first times I have live alone and abroad, it was with her, all the tears were with her. And she had taught me to stand still, to breath over the surface. The funny thing is that all of her life she always wanted a foreign boyfriend like a charming prince that will take her away. And she has a life philosophy, in which she said “if you can think positive good thinks will come to you”, you think positive and fight harder you will reach your goal. And she is the living prove of that. Before she had left, she had promise me that in her new home, she will have a room reserved just for me, for the day that I came to visit her. And with that I shear up myself, shape myself for the new school year that it is starting.
2494_66435721801_6037024_n (this us doing our firsts buys in Galicia, of course my glasses lent broked so we start laughthing with my stupid sad anime face lol)

And specially I have to start to let other people support me more, like the friends that are still here , and the others that every day share the same dream (that will be came true) about going to Japan. like my dear darkisis, wich in this last few mounths had been one you my greatest supports